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Mike’s Macujo Method Guarantees User Can Pass Their Hair Follicle Drugs Test

Have you ever been asked to conduct a hair follicle drug test to pass an interview? Well, if you have, you aren’t alone. In the U.S., many more businesses are requesting that their future employees (and even current ones) conduct a hair follicle drug test prior to getting or continuing with their role.

Normally, this is for health and safety reasons. The employer has to know that each employee is safe to operate machinery or handle medication and that they aren’t a danger to themselves or to others whilst working.

This is also the case in certain court hearings, where defendants are required to take a drug test to continue with the trial, or to get a favorable verdict. For example, parents and guardians in custody hearings for children will be asked to conduct a drug test in order to qualify as legal guardians.

Hair follicle drug testing has become more popular in recent years, purely because of its accuracy. The test can find traces of drugs in your bloodstream, simply by cutting a few hairs close to your scalp. Previous testing methods, such as blood, saliva, or urine testing, were much less accurate as it could only find traces of drugs for up to 4 weeks prior to the test. Hair follicle testing goes right back to 90 days prior to the test – possibly even further if you haven’t had a haircut in that time.

If you have an important interview coming up, or a trial, then it’s absolutely essential that you pass the test in order to move forward. A failed test result that shows traces of drug use could mean that you lose your current job or even worse, lose custody of your children.

So, if you’re a recreational drug user, or have recently quit to turn your life around, it may be a worry if a test is declared, especially as they don’t tend to tell you that far in advance. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever know about a drug test more than 3 months before it’s due to take place.

What you need in these circumstances is a way to ensure you’ll pass, without having to wait for the toxins to naturally leave your system.

Well, we have great news for you and we can say with confidence that you’re in luck because Mike Macujo has developed a product and method that helps its customers to pass hair follicle drug tests with its proven method called Mike’s Macujo Method.

Mike Macujo, the owner of the company, began researching over 10 years ago to create a formula that would work for people who need to pass a drug test quickly.

“I first realized that there was an issue when so many people who were coming clean wanted to start life again and get back into work. But the issue was, they weren’t able to, as their drug tests meant that they failed interviews and ultimately ended up back at square one. I needed to change that and teach people how to pass a hair follicle drug test.”

The Macujo Method consists of a cost-effective formula in a single bottle lasting up to 15 washes. It includes a host of ingredients, and Aloe Rid shampoo is designed to remove toxins from the oils on your scalp, but also keep the hair healthy and nourished.

Mike states, “One of the biggest things I noticed when I started researching, was the number of products on the market that claimed to be amazing and get rid of toxins, but actually didn’t work at all, leaving people disappointed and ultimately, out of a job. It’s not just a bad hair day you’re dealing with here, it’s people’s lives.”

The Macujo Method is proven to be 99.9% effective on its customers and also operates a full support package too, making it the best hair detox shampoo for a drug test. The team provides full, private and out of hours consultations for each customer to understand their drug habits, frequency and amount of use. This is used for further research but also helps the user to pass. The team are there every step of the way, right up until test day to ensure that the user is doing the right things and is fully confident.

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