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Benefits of Programmatic Advertising Through New Texas Based Agency

Programmatic advertising is a fantastic way to boost the conversion rates of a business without spending a lot of time and money on researching the best advertising spaces to use. The programmatic advertising process allows companies to automate finding advertising space using reliable user data to determine where their target audience is most likely to view their ad.

Ranwell Productions is a brand-new programmatic advertising agency launching in San Antonio to help local businesses discover advertising space that gets their brand out there to their audience and increases their conversion.

Head of the business, Randy Sewell says that “programmatic advertising is the future for marketing, and it is the future for all businesses to get their message out there. It cuts down the amount of research that needs to be conducted to reach the right potential customers and the service that we at Ranwell Productions provide, allows companies to build a global customer base, even if they have previously been localized.”

The process works by using participating websites or other digital channels to collect data regarding regular users. This creates a customer profile and gives a view of their habits and interests. Advertising space sellers can then use this data to predict what type of customers are likely to view a specific space and the times that they’ll be most active. They can then place this space on a supply-side platform to be viewed by businesses looking to market their brand.

From the business angle, companies are then able to scope out the best ad spaces based on the comparison between their product and the audience’s search history, ensuring that their ad gets to the people who are most likely to engage with it.

From there, buyers can bid to buy the most relevant ad space for their business against other, similar competitors. The highest bid wins the space. For Randy Sewell, this was the ideal scenario; “programmatic advertising creates a level playing field for all businesses, large and small, to purchase advertising space to market their company globally. It creates fairness and provides more reliable data and real-time analytics that can be shared for future platforms to monitor behaviors. This means that programmatic advertising is getting increasingly reliable as it’s used more frequently.”

The bidding platform allows sellers of ad space to get the highest prices for the most valuable spaces based on the amount of traffic they receive. This is because more businesses will want to purchase space that’s viewed by a larger customer base.

Businesses also benefit here, as they can see how successful previous ads have been in that same space before going ahead, meaning that they aren’t purchasing a space blind.

The beauty of programmatic advertising is that it also benefits the consumer, as they get to view adverts that are specifically targeted at them, which they’ll find interesting. The process works across multiple digital platforms including websites, apps, TV, radio, and digital billboards, so there’s no limit to the possibilities that it can provide for Texas-based businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about the programmatic advertising process, then take a look at the Ranwell Productions website or get in touch today.

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