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About Us

ReveNews is a new information and news service, which makes use of volunteer or recruited collaborators, columnists free to participate, who earn based on their own results through advertising, and are checked and supported by publishers to maintain the correctness and appropriateness of contents.

You too can participate in our project and earn with your results.

On the “instructions” page you will find basic tips on how to write correctly and get the best results on Reve News.

The contents can be translated into different languages, relying on a much wider audience. Function suspended for the moment.

Therefore, we try to use a simple, understandable and clear language, in order to facilitate the translation process.


Reve News is not a newspaper and is not updated periodically, but only based on the availability of material and people. It is therefore not an editorial product subject to the discipline of art.

Copied content or content that infringes copyrights, nor texts or images with pornographic, violent or racist content are not accepted. We therefore reserve the right to modify or remove articles that we deem unsuitable for publication on the site.

Publishers undertake to verify that the content on the site is original , legal, and does not violate any privacy or copyright. However, it may be possible that something incorrect is published, so we invite the holders of any rights or sites from which the content is copied to contact us, and we may delete the incorrect content or point it directly to the site in question, obviously after careful checking.

The site managers, and the staff, do not in any way take responsibility for the published content, for any errors and omissions, and we will limit ourselves to taking measures on the accounts of collaborators who violate the rules, in addition to the removal of any content not suitable. We are also not responsible for any links to third party sites that may appear in our articles, nor obviously for the content of these sites.

Thanks for collaboration.

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